5 Weird Things Every World Traveler Does

Something about traveling, carrying everything you own on your back and having the world sprawling open before you, makes you do weird things you would never do if you were stationary. Some of them are to save money. Some of them are to save time. Some of them are because you did them secretly before you left anyway, and now you just don’t care if random strangers on the street happen to witness your madness.

Week-long Wardrobe

Clothes can get surprisingly heavy very quickly. That, and it wastes valuable exploration time to have to pick out what to wearevery day. It’s better you save that cubic litre of space in your bag for your fancy camera equipment, and reserve those five-to-sixty minutes in the morning for recovering from that crazy impromptu bar hop with the group of locals you met last night.

A couple wearing the same clothes for an entire week start to grow more and more noticeable to those around them.

Peeing With Your Pack On

Bathroom floors are gross; who knows what your bag will pick up if you put it down? Besides, it’s so much easier to leave it on than to take it off every time nature calls.

Without taking their gigantic packs off, the couple visits the bathroom to do their business...


Wi-Fi Squatting

The internet is not ubiquitous the world over. Sure, there are plenty of hot-spots scattered around, but more often than not they’re paid subscriptions, and ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that. The best way to get around that is to find a café that offers free Wi-Fi and buy the cheapest thing on the menu. Then you can sit there all afternoon Skyping home, checking your e-mail, or laughing like a maniac reading The Nose Milk articles.
Long after finishing their cheap teas, the couple is still using the cafe's free WiFi.

Bathroom Juice-Up

If you’re a modern nomad, you’ve got a ton of electronics–computer, smart phone, tablet, digital camera, Nintendo 3DS–but not a lot of ways to keep them charged in between accommodations. Sometimes, the only outlet you can find is in the outhouse. What are you gonna do, let your devices just die on you? Heartless.

A woman stands in the bathroom charging her phone.

Clothing Co-Showers

If you do have more than one change of clothing, you’re not going to waste money on laundering the dirty stuff. If body soap is good enough for your sensitive skin, it’s good enough for the rags you’re gonna toss once they get too threadbare anyway. As an added bonus, the water and energy you save by skipping the laundromat probably just saved a baby panda somewhere.

A man showers with his clothes on to save water. A baby panda thanks him for his efforts.
This content originally appeared on TheNoseMilk.com.
Artwork by senorpena.

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