The Cost of Two Weeks in Ireland

This is it. The very last stop on our trip before we returned home. We hired a car in Dublin and split a grey, rainy week between Galway and Cork, then hung out in grey, rainy Dublin until it was time to head back to New Jersey for the winter […]

The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Models of Harry and Ron on the train to Hogwarts their first year.

The Cost of One Month in the UK

Our second-to-last stop on our RTW trip was the UK. We took the train into London, where we stayed with a friend of mine from college, explored the city, and spent a solid day touring the Harry Potter Leavesden studios. Then we hired a car and drove around in a […]

The Cost of One Week in Belgium

After the Netherlands, we ventured into Belgium, where we met up with some friends we had made way back in New Zealand! We gorged ourselves on chocolate, waffles, beer, and french fries; and yes, we played even more board games–they really are the best way to pass a rainy afternoon. […]

Belgian waffles in Bruges/

Cherry blossoms at the National Mall, Washington, D.C.

A Change of Pace, a Change of Name

Well, some (okay so┬álike two) big things have happened in the three months since I last posted. The first big thing is that Jeff and I moved in together! We found a nice little town home and promptly set about to decorating it with all sorts of geeky paraphernalia (okay, […]

The Cost of One Week in the Netherlands 1

We only got one week in the Netherlands, which we split between Amsterdam and Den Haag. It was rainy and cold most of the time we were there, so we ended up spending a majority of our time playing board games. We visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and […]

The famous Condomeria in Amsterdam.