The Cost of Three Weeks in Germany 1

After saying goodbye to Jeff’s parents in France, we hopped a train to neighboring Germany. The weather was starting to get colder and the leaves were just beginning to change, perfuming the air with that crisp autumnal fragrance. It felt like a fairy tale come to life. We visited the beautiful Heidelberg Castle; got to Munich just in time to catch the last week of Oktoberfest and drop an outrageous amount of euros on beer and pretzels; dipped down to Neuschwanstein to check out where Disney drew his inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle; wandered the reconstructed streets of Dresden; and got a special tour around Berlin by one of Jeff’s friends from study abroad.

Note: Most of our purchases were on the credit card, but some were made in cash. To get an accurate approximation of how much in USD we spent, I used the exchange rate that our cards gave us on the day on or nearest to the date that our cash purchase was made.

Guten Tag,Deutschland!

US$1,793.33/ 20days ≈ US$89.76/day

Transportation: US$386.49

Accommodation: US$540

Food: US$612.32

Adventure/sightseeing: US$190.53

Miscellaneous: US$64

Our first Couchsurfing host in Germany introduced us to a ride-sharing service called Bla Bla Car that helped cut our travel costs between cities down quite a bit. Jeff’s friend also kindly let us crash with him while we were in Berlin (on top of showing us around all weekend!), so we didn’t need to spend as much on accommodation. Plus food was slightly less expensive than in some other countries (looking at you, Switzerland)–well, except for Oktoberfest, but we knew that going in and limited ourselves to one €10 beer each.

Grand Total So far: US$7,820.69 (New Zealand) + US$3,547.80 (Australia) + US$6,153.16 (Japan) + US$3261.79 (SERBIA, CROATIA, and GREECE) + US$1696.18(BudaKraPraVienna) + US$2,230.59(Italy) + US$3,861.82 (France and Switzerland) + US$1,793.33 (Germany)= US$30,365.36

Divide that by 335 days of travel and that leaves us with an average of just over US$90.64 for both of us, or about US$45.352per person per day.

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