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Five Fantastic Card Games for Travelers

Lightweight and compact, a deck of cards can be your best friend on an hours-long train ride, enduring an empty early-morning terminal before a connecting flight, or spending a rainy afternoon stuck inside a hostel. But why settle for a normal, boring deck of cards, when for about the same size and weight, you can take along one of these kick-ass games?

Fluxx game set

singing karaoke

The 10 Things I’ll Miss About Japan–No.01: Karaoke 2

There’s nothing quite like piling into a karaoke room with a few friends to sing your heart out after a night of drinking. Grab the touchscreen input, search for your favorite songs, add them to the line up, and rock out until you sound like a 50-year smoker at the end […]

The 10 Things I’ll Miss About Japan–No.02: Daikou 3

Drinking parties are the preferred way to bond with coworkers after leaving the office, as a way to celebrate big events like school graduations and weddings, or as just a way to get together with friends, but Japan has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. The moment alcohol […]

daikou car on the street

purikura photo tray

The 10 Things I’ll Miss About Japan–No.03: Purikura 3

Purikura booths, found in arcades and malls around Japan, are photo booths taken to the extreme. The word is made from mashing together the first two syllables of purinto kurabu (print club), and the activity is a favorite pasttime among middle and high school students–especially girls.

The 10 Things I’ll Miss About Japan–No.04: Cherry Picking 7

Yamagata Prefecture produces several fruits: grapes, apples, La France pears, and cherries–for which this prefecture is famous. For the length of the season, many fruit orchards open up their gates for people to come in and, for a small fee, allow them to pick and eat as much fruit as they […]

woman spitting cherry pits